D Is For Dogs

Okay, so the whole point of this blog was to explore themes in picture books and dogs don’t really count as a theme… However, as I lost my own little dog, Bean, to cancer in February, I figure you can cut me some slack. Bean was my best friend, cuddle buddy and writing companion. You … Continue reading “D Is For Dogs”

17th February 2021

How cool are these new installations? Sadly, I am old enough to remember using these old boxes for their original purpose – for actually ringing people!

November 22nd 2020

I am excited to share with you some fabulous news. My next picture book will be published in 2021, by the amazing folk at Sage’s Tower Publishing! I can’t share any details yet.

October 22nd 2020

Thank you to Sarah at Waterstones Maidstone, for inviting me in to sign some copies of, The Bum That barked.

C is for Compassion

The definition of compassion is often confused with that of empathy. Empathy, as defined by researchers, is the visceral or emotional experience of another person’s feelings.

B Is For Bravery

Bravery is a common human trope. Whether conveyed through myths and legends, Pixar movies or comic book heroes, the theme of bravery is often at the heart of many.

A Is For Anger

In a bid to increase my repertoire, come with me on an alphabetical adventure through the themes, sentiments and takeaways of picture books.

2nd of April

The route to publication is a steep learning curve! To celebrate the publication of my new book, The Bum That Barked, I am now offering a critique service for fledgling picture book writers.

17th April 2020

Drum roll please…CONGRATULATIONS to Evie Hannah! I was surprised by the number of
entries and it was a tough call, but I love this picture of Bean and Bongo dressed as a clown.

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