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I am Elisa, or you may know me better by my teacher name Miss Peacock. By day I teach in primary schools all across Kent; by night I write stories for children. Bit like a super hero – I wish!

On my site you can find information about upcoming events or read about my latest books. You can contact me to arrange an author visit; writing workshop or read my blog.

Although I am based in Kent, feel free to make enquiries if you are a little further afield, I may still be able to accommodate you. Travelling is a great excuse to find new and unexplored bookshops! Or a virtual visit might also be an option.

Whatever you are here for, HELLO! It’s nice of you to visit. Please make sure you have lots of fun
and don’t forget to tidy up after yourself!


I have been a primary school teacher for 24 years. I am confident and happy to work across all key phases; have taught in a variety of settings and offer a range of activities as part of my author visits.


Bean the dog and his barking bottom bring you a story packed with silliness and fun. Filled with trumps, parps, and bottom burps; The Bum That Barked is a tale of fame


In a bid to increase my repertoire, come with me on an alphabetical adventure through the themes, sentiments and takeaways of picture books.

Breaking mews!

Work is currently under way on my next picture book, which will be published later this year by the lovely folk at Sage’s Tower Publishing. I feel very lucky to be working with the artist Jonathan Petley @spacedoxie on this project. Check out some of his amazing art work here. I can’t wait to share more about the story, but for now, maybe my friend Walter can give you a clue about the setting of the story!

Monday 10th of January 2022