About Me

Sometimes my imagination runs riot!

When I was younger I saw a film called, The Day Of The Triffids. It was about plants that travelled from space on meteorites and ate human beings! From that day on I was convinced I saw human munching plants wherever I went. It didn’t help that my mum (just for laughs) told me it was true!

She also told me Wombles were real. When we went to Wimbledon Common, close to where I lived in South London, I saw Wombles everywhere. Thankfully they were not quite so scary!

I always loved writing. However, when I was younger writing for a living never seemed a reliable or realistic way to earn a living, so I became a teacher, which luckily I also love!

I taught in London primary schools for twenty years, before moving to the beautiful countryside of Kent. Secretly, I still harboured the dream of one day becoming an author. When my partner Terry had a stroke in 2014 and I took care of him as he recovered, I suddenly had lots of time to write. I got out the notepads stashed under my bed, full of book titles and ideas and finally got started.

Writing took me over and within a few years I had written over ten picture books.

My first book, The Bum That Barked, was released amid a global pandemic!

My little dog Bean, was the real-life inspiration for the book. Read more about him here.

I share my home with my partner Terry – musician and expert washer-upper!

I also have two cuddly cats named Charlie Farleigh and Peanut ‘The Weenut’ Peacock.

My top five favourite things
2.Snow days
3.Animals and nature
5.Playing guitar

Favourite question I get asked when going into schools
Are you really a Peacock?

Favourite mispronunciation of my name
Miss Teapot!

When I am not writing, walking or playing laser pen chase with the cats; you will probably find me making up silly songs with Terry. Click here to listen to The Bum That Barked song.